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I am a coeditor at Da Màu Magazine, editor-at-large for the Vietnamese diaspora at Asymptote, freelance critic, and literary translator. My works have appeared in NPR Books, NBCThink, USA Today, Prairie SchoonerUnbroken JournalRain Taxi, Pop Culture Nerd, diaCritics, Shelf Awareness, among others.

Accomplishments: Summer 2020 writer-in-residence at Woodlawn/Pope Leighey House; finalist in The Asia Literary Review’s 2018 Essay Competition; non-fiction scholar at the 2017 Virginia Quarterly Review Writers’ Conference; 2017 and 2013 Jenny McKean Moore Community Workshop Fellow in Poetry and Short Fiction, respectively.


Da Màu Magazine (Tạp chí Da Màu)
The Inner Loop – Woodlawn & Pope Leighey House Writer-in Residence Program
Asymptote Journal
NPR Books
Shelf Awareness

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