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I am an essayist, freelance critic, and literary translator. My work have appeared in NPR Books, NBCThink, USA Today, Prairie Schooner, Asymptote, Unbroken JournalRain Taxi, Pop Culture Nerd, diaCritics, Shelf Awareness, among others.

Accomplishments: Summer 2020 writer-in-residence at Woodlawn/Pope Leighey House; finalist in The Asia Literary Review’s 2018 Essay Competition; non-fiction scholar at the 2017 Virginia Quarterly Review Writers’ Conference; 2017 and 2013 Jenny McKean Moore Community Workshop Fellow in Poetry and Short Fiction, respectively.


Da Màu Magazine (Tạp chí Da Màu)
The Inner Loop – Woodlawn & Pope Leighey House Writer-in Residence Program
Asymptote Journal
NPR Books
Shelf Awareness

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